barden language exchange

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Barden mean?

Barden comes from the verb "barter" which means to exchange! By using Barden, you take part into a language-exchange community based on free language learning. Connect with native speakers in your city, or all over the world, teach your native language and learn a foreign language with a simple skill-barter.

How does Barden language exchange app work?

First, you create a free language exchange profile, then you can start searching for the best partner near you or anywhere in the world, you can send them a contact request and start chatting to plan a conversation practice online or in-person.

How many contact requests can I send?

You can send up to 3 language exchange requests per day for free. Remember, you don’t need one thousand people to speak to: you need a handful of very serious and dedicated partners to talk to and as often as possible.

How many languages do you offer?

You can choose amongst the entire world’s 7000+ existing languages including 40+ sign languages and 30+ creoles. Barden is proud to support "languages are not flags". Languages are listed using official ISO 639-3 codes meaning we do not use country flags to illustrate language groups.

What about same-language study match?

You can search members by "barter" for a classic exchange, or you can search members by language-only as teachers under "speaking" or learners under "learning", and you can search members who are learning the same language(s) as you in "community". Learning a language varies from one person to another, from language levels and more. Barden makes it easy for you to search any possible matches.

Do you offer meetings and community groups?

Yes! You are free to join the Facebook groups located in Quebec, Montreal, New York City, Washington DC, Quito, Marseille and Rome, and the free events.

How safe is Barden language exchange app?

At Barden, data is 100% safe: there is no ads, no business partners involved, and the chat is encoded. Also, all member profiles are reviewed on a weekly basis and all chat requests must be accepted before chatting in order to avoid spams.

How can I delete my profile?

If you want to delete your profile, simply send us an email