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Peony and I in my hometown Marseille, France

Barden, the story

Back in 2012, when I returned to New York after attending school for a year at Seoul National University in South Korea, I was looking for a native Korean speaker to practice my new skill with. I imagined that I would be able find an online service connecting native speakers locally for free, but unfortunately I didn’t. In fact, it took me weeks to find Peony and eventually set up a French—Korean exchange. The more I shared with fellow globetrotter polyglots about my experience, the more creating Barden became an evidence. In 2014 in Paris, Barden was the world’s first platform to help users find language exchange partners nearby.

Later, Barden members asked for more so I launched social groups (2017) and local meetups (2018) and the iOS and Android mobile apps (2019). Today, through a wide range of products and services, members meet to barter their language skills IRL every single day and, over the past 6 years, I have met many of them across the world. Thanks everyone for following the journey & welcome, we are connecting people and culture through real-life language practice, one barter at a time.

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Happy Barters et à bientôt!
Marion, founder of Barden


Barden Language Exchange apps offer over 7000 languages, over 40 sign languages, hundreds of dialects including 30+ creoles!